Final days in Barcelona

I am down to my final days in Barcelona (BCN, or Barna as the locals sometimes refer to it)!! Where oh where did the time go? Looking back on my time in BCN, a lot happened in four months, but there is still so much left to do. I will definitely return to BCN and Europe one day soon, both to travel and hopefully work here. Four months is not an adequate amount of time to fully immerse oneself in Europe. There is too much history to learn and culture to explore– food to try;  architecture, art, and photography to admire;  and languages to speak. In four months I have certainly dabbled in the cultures of several countries, and I feel very comfortable in BCN. But I want more time. I suppose everyone does. (Side note: In my Spanish Art and Culture class I learned that Americans loved Dali’s melting clocks paintings [see picture] because according to Dali, Americans are obsessed with time. They want to maximize their time to maximize their profit.)

melting clocks
An example of famed Spanish painter Salvador Dali’s melting clocks that Americans love.

Thus I can fully see myself returning to Europe  to live here for a few years after graduation, probably not immediately after but soon. Then I can travel easily around Europe again, instead of having to fly across the ponds to get anywhere. Knowing I will return one day stems the pain of leaving this amazing city (BCN), country (Spain), and continent (Europe).

In the meantime, this week I  need to pack up my belongings, ensure my apartment is in  an acceptable condition, finish souvenir shopping, and say good-bye. Say good-bye to the amazing friend I have met and to beautiful Barna. (I already said good-bye to ESADE and my professors because my finals were last week.) In these final days I want to return to my favorite places (Born, Montjuich, Passeig de Gracia y Diagonal) and restaurants (100 Montaditos for 1 euro tapas on Wednesdays and Sundays, Cent Focs for a yummy Italian menu near Placa Catalunya). I also want to explore new sights (Poble Espanyol, finally go inside Sagrada Familia and the Barcelona Cathedral) and try new authentic Spanish restaurants for the last time.

Montjuich, one of my favorite places in BCN. Near Plaza Espanya metro.
100 Montaditos
100 Montaditos

After my week  is over, I will meet my mom in  Venice, where we will depart for our week long cruise to Turkey, Croatia, and Greece. I an excited to see my Mom again and travel to these incredible countries with her. We will return to my home near Washington D.C. on May 19, then I will move down to Richmond May 20, and lastly begin my internship at Altria May 21. I am excited to intern in brand management. I have already been assigned a team and I can tell that I will work on rewarding projects. I am a little nervous because this will be my first internship, but I know it will be a valuable and enriching experience. Plus Altria sponsors McIntire’s Promotions class, so cool!

It is going to be a whirlwind these next few weeks, but for now I am going to focus on the present and enjoy my final days in Barcelona.

Best, Jessica

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