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Despite the cultural differences, I really do enjoy living in France. I feel that there is a candor that is often missing in the US, even though it is sometimes abrasive. In my opinion, the biggest challenges have arisen in everyday tasks and dealing with the more admin parts of my life like ordering pick up or dealing with campus housing. This is likely because it is far less likely that the people I have to interact with in these situations speak English, but I have to use French vocabulary that I never learned. However, once the mini crisis of not being able to communicate is over, I often find these are the times where I improve my language skills the most.

Overall, I love the food and moving around Paris is getting easier. Walking the streets of Paris are now more leisurely, and I feel like I am really taking in the city. There are times where I am grateful that I am from the US and am glad that I will be going back eventually. It is naturally uncomfortable to be in a country where you are not a native speaker. I really appreciate the experience and I believe it will make me more considerate to other non-native English speakers in the future. However, for now, the best thing I can do is practice as much as I can by listening and learning the phrases that the French use in everyday life.

A bientôt,


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