Final Barcelona Blog Post

Before I knew it the semester sped by and now I’m back in America. I can’t even believe how quickly time flew and could not have predicted how much Barcelona would feel like home to me by the time I left. Leaving Barcelona is definitely bittersweet. There are so many things I’m going to miss about the city, like its delicious food and proximity to such amazing culture. I am going to miss how, in a day, I can wander the narrow streets and alleys of the old gothic quarter, but then walk to the beautiful beach and boardwalk, and walk down the busy street “Las Ramblas.” I’ll miss how easy it is to travel to other countries and my weekly exposure to different cultures. I’ll miss sitting on my back terrace on sunny afternoons reading my book and relaxing, looking at the surrounding apartment buildings with views of clothes drying on hanging racks everywhere I looked.

However, I am also looking forward to certain things about being home. For one, I missed my friends and family so much! It is nice to be back with them and share my experiences abroad. I am excited to tell them how much I came to appreciate museums as I was traveling – something I would have never thought of doing in America before I left. I want to show them all the things I’ve learned and tell them about my experiences and interactions with people from other cultures. My mom also went abroad when she was in college, so I would love to hear more about her time in Europe and compare what we have done. It’ll be interesting to see what has changed and what’s stayed the same about students’ study abroad experiences.

I plan to use my experience to broaden my cultural perspective and appreciation for other cultures throughout my life, both professionally and personally. I expect to work with people from all over the world throughout my career and feel lucky to have seen a piece of the world this semester to broaden my horizons.

Although I do not plan on continuing to learn the Spanish language, I definitely plan on returning in the future. I would like to do so in 10 years or so to see how much has changed since then and how much is the same. I would also love to return after 2025, which is when the Sagrada Familia will FINALLY be finished!

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