Final Post

My return home has not been as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. I have only been home 9 days but it feels like forever. I thought it would feel really weird to be home but it honestly has not. Besides being a bit bored, I’m not sure I have really processed the fact that I lived in Copenhagen for four months and now I am home. I think I am still experiencing the initial excitement of being home and seeing everyone I missed.

 Almost every person I have seen has asked me about abroad. I can basically answer their questions without even thinking about them anymore. Favorite place you traveled? Barcelona. Was the weather depressing? It wasn’t too bad. Did you learn any Danish? Nope. Are you happy you went? Yes, definitely.  There are some answers I’m a bit embarrassed about like when they ask if I met any Danes. I can honestly say that besides a few teachers I really did not have much interaction with Danish people. I was traveling so much and only went to school with Americans so it was hard to meet Danish people. I regret not making more of an effort to meet the locals in Copenhagen.

The weather back home has been a bit of a shock. It has been in the 90’s which is a welcome change to the 40’s in Copenhagen. It has also been a bit of a change driving everywhere. I do miss being able to walk everywhere like I could in Copenhagen.

I don’t think studying abroad has changed my career trajectory; however, I do think I am open to different opportunities. For example, after studying in Copenhagen I am definitely open to the idea of working abroad or traveling a lot for work. This semester has taught me that I would be able to handle living abroad for work. Before, I would have been more hesitant. This semester has also taught me how to work with people from different places and to be aware and respectful of cultural differences.

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