Day 2, 3, & 4

Day 2 (Sunday 1/7/18):

I woke up at 5 pm Madrid time today so I wasn’t quite productive today. I cooked some eggs and video-chatted with my family because it was my dad’s birthday. I got a little sad seeing my family and realizing I was not able to be there, but I think that is part of the journey. It’ll get better as I familiarize myself with the city and start classes. I didn’t leave my room all day because I was still tired from the jet-lag. After I spoke with my family I got online to speak with my professor to ask some questions on our ICE homework and then I spoke one last time with my family to sing happy birthday to my dad and I went to bed.

Day 3 (Monday 1/8/18):

I went to sleep at 4am because I couldn’t sleep but I had orientation until 1:30pm so I decided to sleep in. So, at this point I really haven’t explored Madrid but I have an entire semester to do so. I went to orientation at IE University and I got my new student ID, was introduced to the different departments, and explored the buildings. Afterwards I met with a friend to work on our ICE homework and once we finished I went back to my apartment to make myself a quesadilla 🙂 .I found a little Mexican shop and bought some tortillas, jaritos, salsa, and mole. I know I know I travel all the way to Spain to buy Mexican food, can’t really help it its in my DNA. Afterwards, I met with my high-school friend from Antonian, Nico, and we went shopping downtown. Today was the first day where I started to explore Madrid and the surrounding shops around my apartment. Its nice to have someone from back home here in Madrid, it makes the distance easier for sure.

Day 4 (Tuesday 1/9/18):

Today is my first day of class and of course I show up to my 9AM class at 9:30 AM. I could have sworn the class started later, but I had some issues with my schedule so I may have to drop a class and only have 16.5 credits this semester. But hopefully I can keep my schedule or add another course.  After class I went to the cafeteria at the university and had some pesto pasta and I went to go find some notebooks. However, they only use graph paper to write their notes in so I couldn’t find any college ruled notebooks and had to settle for lose-leaved sheets of paper instead. Afterwords, I met up with my friend Steph to work on our homework assignment and then I headed back to my apartment.

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