Day 5

It has been day 5 in Madrid and I did not have class today! I told myself I would wake up early but I ended up waking up at 2PM, I guess my sleeping schedule is not quite there yet. I went to go get my metro card and as a student I only have to pay 20 euros and I can use the metro and buses however many times I want, which is pretty useful. My school is only a 5 minute walk from my apartment, but it will come in handy when I explore the rest of Madrid. So, today was my first day using the metro so that was quite interesting. I met Nico outside of  the metro, but he does not have any internet service so it was pretty challenging trying to find him at the metro station. It’s crazy how useless we seem without any technology but after several minutes we were able to find one another. We also went to go eat at this burger shop which was quite tasty and this weekend I am hoping to go to Toledo, Spain!

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