Letter to Myself: Heading to Madrid

Dear Shannon,

You’re about to head over to Madrid and spend an entire semester far away from everything. Before I leave, I want to write down somethings to remember while abroad.

Keep your goals in mind

This past semester was very hectic, and being abroad will finally give you some time to get some things done that got pushed off to the side. First, learn more Spanish! You’ve studied for years, and this is the perfect time to get back in touch. Second, cook more often. There are so many different types of food to try while abroad and with your spare time, it is perfect to learn how to prepare some of these foods! Finally, I want to meet friends from all over the world. IE is known for how diverse their exchange program is.

Learn about trends from other countries

I’m super excited for my one classed called Global Outsourcing Strategy. I found Professor Gray’s discussion about outsourcing very interesting, and I can’t wait to hear about the trends that other countries are facing. I really hope to get a good understanding of the global labor market and the current trends.

Practice more than just speaking Spanish

You have been taking Spanish classes since high school, but now is your chance to become a fluent speaker. While there will be plenty of practice speaking, don’t forget to take some time every day to practice your grammar and writing. The goal is to leave Spain fluent in every possible way.

Remember what your mother told you

When my mother was in college, she also studied in Spain. Your whole life you have heard amazing things about the food and the kind people there. Additionally, your many trips to Europe will help with some of the slight adjustments to living.

And also heed her warnings

While my mom absolutely loved her time in Spain, she did say that she was cat-called more over there than in the states. While I plan on keeping an open mind, I do want to remain cautious while I am abroad.

Document the change

There is no way to know how this trip will change you, but know that it will change you for the better! As the final goal, keep a journal every day so that you don’t forget the small details of what happens every day and the personal changes that you see. Best of luck!



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