London: Letter to Myself

Hey Jason,

Before you depart for the great city of London, I just want to take a look forward into the next couple of months, where hopefully you will grow in both expected and unexpected ways. I’ve never been to London, but I know it’s a passionate city full of diverse cultures and a long, prolific history. And while you at least are fluent in English, I know I have no idea what to expect really from the many different aspects of British culture. However, knowing very little, I don’t really have any preconceived notions about the country except that they dress really well, so I’ll have to step up accordingly! One big thing I’m excited about is the passion behind soccer, or football as they say over there, as I grew up playing the sport throughout high school. Other than that, I have three big goals for Spring Semester 2018:

  • Learn outside the classroom: While Cass is a great school and I’m really looking forward to proper instruction, there are plenty of opportunities to learn elsewhere, whether it be taking an English cooking class or going to one of the many fascinating museums throughout London. Make the most of this opportunity to actually live in London and not just be a tourist.
  • Explore Europe: While London definitely has plenty to offer, I really want to take advantage of the ease of traveling across Europe and travel to as many different cities as possible. This will be an adventure so just be open minded about it.
  • Make some friends: Your fellow students speak the same language so there’s no excuse there. Reach out when you don’t know what you don’t know and take the time to cultivate some meaningful relationships rather than always running around on your own.

The world of business is becoming increasingly global, and this is truly a unique opportunity to experience that and thrive in a fun and meaningful way. Learn from being in a finance zenith of the world and in a great school such as Cass. There will be considerable differences than what you’ve experienced in America, and I look forward to seeing how you change. Hopefully, you’ll be a happier, more in-tune version of yourself. I hope you’ll have some meaningful friends across the pond, and I hope you gain an appreciation for the world outside your current view.



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