Madrid: Blog Post #3

I have been living in Spain for just about a month now. In certain ways, I feel almost completely at home, and in others, I don’t feel settled at all. For instance, I have found certain shops, coffee shops and places in the city that I love and consider my own. I speak to all of the workers in Spanish and some places people know me by name. However, I did have a serious problem with housing so I moved into my permanent apartment just days ago. Despite having all of these places around the city I consider my own, I didn’t have a real home until now.

There are still moments when the siesta gets in the way for me. For instance, Tuesdays are my busiest days, with classes from 9-6 with an hour and a half break in the middle. With where the break is placed, many places are closed and won’t reopen until I am back in class. While I still find it a bit of an annoyance that I can’t utilize that time, I am learning to plan around it and run errands other days and not rely on that time.

I have also felt as though my Spanish is improving significantly every day. I joined a gym that holds classes exclusively in Spanish. Trying to understand Spanish while simultaneously doing hot yoga is probably the most challenging situation I’ve encountered. Still, I greatly enjoyed the class and I am so happy that I went for this gym rather than another that offers certain classes in English.

Now that I have been in Madrid for some time, I am beginning to travel more and more on the weekends. I went to Brussels this past weekend for my birthday, and I will leave for Dublin this weekend. While I am extremely excited about traveling and exploring, I need to make sure I take advantage of my time during the week to practice my Spanish.

~Shannon Romutis

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