Copenhagen Blog 3

I have been adapting to the culture quite well I think. Well, besides the whole being punctual aspect, but other than that I’ve done well. I did almost get left behind on our study trip, which was not good, but that’s the last time I order a sandwich in Europe and expect it to be ready within 10 minutes. The wait staff here is either nonexistent in most restaurants, or extremely slow. I’m curious if it because there is no tipping here, and if that is the reason why workers do not work as hard. Actually, I am sure that is the reason. Performance based compensation is an important factor for good service, which is why I have decided tipping is a good thing, it just should not be someone’s entire salary.


In other news, I recently learned the word for “thank you” in Danish, which is “tak”. Also, I’ve been learning how to pronounce different parts of the city like Østerbro, Norhavn, and Kobenhavn for example. I still believe that the Danish language sounds like when people are trying to over pronounce syllables and talk down to you. Which is interesting because these are some of the nicest and happiest people in the world.


I did get a chance to go to Amsterdam a couple weekends ago, and I noticed some differences from there and here. The roads are not well planned out in Amsterdam at all, and it is much dirtier. Also, the bikers in Amsterdam are much more intense and ride a lot faster which is interesting. The people in Amsterdam are a lot less blonde, but friendlier and much more open to making new friends. It seems like it is harder to make close friends with Danes, and they are much more closed off than Americans. That is one thing that bothers me, but I hope that with enough time I will make some Danish best friends in the near future.

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