Copenhagen Blog 3: A month abroad

Now that I have been in Copenhagen for multiple weeks, I have seen myself rejecting parts of the culture, while accepting others. In my first blog post, I wrote about how badly I wanted to join the biking culture and be a part of that community. Well, since being here, I found how expensive bikes are, and how stressful biking in a big city could be. Also, travelling around Europe has renewed my a sense of love for walking around cities, which came from growing up around New York City. As a result, I am walking to and from class, as well as around Copenhagen a lot, and that is my main form of transportation.


On the other hand, I have really delved into the idea of hygge, striving for comfort and coziness in a lot of what I do. My roommates and I have decorated our apartment to make it warm and enjoyable to hang out in. When going out, I prefer smaller, more relaxed restaurants and bars, instead of some of the more intense experiences. My Danish roommates have helped us cook comfort food, and we are learning more and more about how to orient our lives in this way.


Since being here, I haven’t had too many times when I have experienced a cultural difference. One that stands out is the healthiness of how Danes eat. I am an extremely picky eater, and that manifests in me not eating many fruits and vegetables. When I cook or go out to eat, the Danes always wonder why I am eating just meat and starch, which I have to explain to them my situation. While this is a minor thing that I usually laugh off, they seem a little more critical than the average American, but they are very nice about it.


Finally, I really haven’t made any progress trying to speak the Danish language. If I wanted to, I could talk to my Danish roommates, and force them to help me. But, because they speak such good English, I really do not foresee myself doing that. I have had some wonderful trips so far, traveling to Bordeaux and Paris, with Madrid coming this weekend!


-Mike Popper

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