Dublin Post 3

Today marks four whole weeks in Dublin, and I can’t believe it. While I feel relatively comfortable here, there are still some things that I have not gotten used to. This past weekend, I had my first visitor, which was interesting. I got to show her some of the places that I have found here so far as well as explore and learn some new things for myself. While I definitely do not know everything there is to know here, I have learned enough about the city and the way of life to establish a nice routine. While I am still getting accustomed to not knowing that many people in my classes, I have managed to meet a friend or two in each one of my classes. These new friends, along with the friends that I have made through my student housing have helped ease the transition of the last month.

Outside of getting to know Dublin, I have started to explore other areas of Ireland as well. In the past few weeks, I made a trip south to Kilkenny and a trip up to Northern Ireland as well. These trips were fun and have taught me a lot about Irish history, which I did not know much about before. The trip to Northern Ireland was especially informative as we got to explore a prison and learn a lot more about the political conflict in Northern Ireland.

Some of the political artwork on the buildings of Belfast

The trips to other parts in Ireland were fun, and I am looking forward to traveling to other parts of Europe as well. In two weeks, I am going to leave this island for the first time since I have been here and travel to Brussels, Glasgow, and Milan. I am looking forward to these trips and exploring some more cultures outside of Irish and American. While it is going to be a bit of a shock to go to visit some of these other countries where English isn’t the primary language, I think it will provide me with some great experiences and (hopefully) some warmer weather soon.


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