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January Term Abroad Faculty Led 2 Week Experience

Jan 2nd – 3rd: A Tale of Rock, Fire, and Friendship

Argentina is a country inspired by nature, with great mountains, rustic culture, and outgoing people. Events of these two days perfectly illustrate this fact, presenting us with a tale of rock, fire and friendship.

Mendoza’s existence as a wine production center is largely due to the blessing of the Andes mountains, creating a dry climate and perfect temperature for the vines to prosper. On the 2nd, we climbed on the foothill of the Andes, experiencing the scenery created by Mother nature several million years ago.

Day One

Sunday, December 27 was our first day in Mendoza.  Most of us arrived in the morning, with five people delayed by various airline troubles.  After checking in, we gathered on the 4th floor of the El Portal Hotel, where Jose’ gave his introduction to the city and to Argentine culture.

Prepping for Mendoza

With less than four days until departure, my excitement for my upcoming trip to Mendoza, Argentina has surpassed even my expectations. Three months ago, I would never have expected to be in this spot packing for a two-week adventure exploring Mendoza and helping a local winery navigate their operational problems.