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Spring Break Abroad Faculty Led 1 Week Experience

Innovative Strategies of Gome, China’s Largest Electronic Appliance Retailer

Gome is China’s largest off-line electronic appliance retailer with 1585 stores covering 567 cities. It is often referred to as China’s BestBuy. Although it has introduced its e-commerce platform in 2012, Gome’s business is still primarily focused on physical stores, which appears to be not very exciting. However, during our visit to Gome, the company’s presenter introduced so many innovative strategies to keep Gome thriving, which inspired me a lot and made this visit one of my favorite during the whole course.

Brazil bound!

Hello all,

I’m thrilled to be writing to you from a tiny table with spotty wifi in Reagan airport. I’m currently enjoying my last stateside dinner and will soon be at a cruisin’ altitude of 39,000 feet. I will keep this brief, as I am afraid that once I start writing about all I am excited for – I won’t stop. So, let’s confine this to a “Top 3 most looked forward to moments in Brazil”: