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May Term Abroad Faculty Led 2 Week Experience

Reflecting on South Africa

At one point during the trip, I settled into my bed at the hostel, thinking about how nothing really bugged me about this trip….until I saw a bug scurry across my sheets…   Discovering bed bugs at the hostel definitely was a surprise—and not the good kind!—but South Africa was also rich with many business and cultural nuances that expanded my understanding of the world.

Last week in South Africa

The last week of the trip featured some of the most amazing views I have ever seen in my life, lots of authentic African food, many animal encounters…and of course coursework somewhere in there…

In Cape Town, we took a cable car to the very top of Table Mountain, a prominent landmark in the city.  It is hike-able, but according to Frans, our fearless leader and tour guide, a bit too difficult for the average comm student who just finished third year aka just finished a year with no time to exercise.  All the same, the views from the mountain were breathtaking.  Pictures don’t do it justice, but it’s probably better than saying 1000 words.

UVA takes Kruger Park and Cape Town

We stayed in Kruger National Park for a brief time last week, but although our stay in the park was short, there was no shortage of animal sightings on our safari adventures.  We began the adventures with a night safari trip into the wilderness of the 7,500 square mile park.  Elephants were seen and heard munching on leaves and giraffes were seen crossing the path right in front of us.  Fortunately, no lions were out hunting tasty Americans that night!

The next day, we woke up bright and early, eager to spot Africa’s “Big 5” (the lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, and Cape buffalo) on our full day safari.

Journey in Johannesburg

We arrived in Johannesburg this last weekend and dove right into exciting activities.  After a good night’s sleep (first night in a bed after two days of traveling!), we woke up to a delicious display of meats and cheeses, pastries, cereals, fruits, yogurts and an egg frying station. South Africans definitely know how to do complimentary breakfasts better than Americans!

Off to South Africa!

I and about twenty other UVA students are currently making our way to South Africa.  We will begin our stay in Johannesburg, then travel to Kruger Park, finishing our sojourn in Cape Town.  The May term in South Africa is a two-week program that explores the history of the country, its current growth as an emerging business market, and cultural highlights.