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Students studying at City University in London

London Pre-Departure Letter

Dear Me,

You have a while before you set foot in London. Another 10 days to be exact. However, I can feel the excitement mounting even now. Before you find yourself in THE financial capital of the world, I hope you keep in mind these three goals we’ve set together:

  • Actively seek out learning opportunities. This can be from your professors, fellow students, and people you meet throughout Europe. Take this time to experience new cultures, languages, foods, and people. Don’t pretend like you know everything and go into new experiences as a student of the world.

London: Blog Post #10

Hey everyone!

I am here checking in with my last blog post of the semester. I have officially been back in the United States for about 10 days and can say that I have gotten completely gotten over my jet lag. It took a few days, but things are finally back to normal in that regard. In today’s blog post, I’m going to reflect a little bit on the entirety of my experience and talk a little bit about the differences between London and the United States that I have noticed since being back.

London: last blog post

Now that I am back in good old Virginia, I can honestly say I am so grateful for every experience, challenge, and mishap that occurred during my time abroad in London. I have noticed some large changes in myself since being abroad. First off, being in a foreign, huge city and traveling so much has helped me be able to adapt to some stressful situations. For example, on my first train to the airport I missed my stop and watched as the person I was traveling with became smaller and smaller on the train platform I was supposed to be on as well. With the help of a kind stranger on the train I quickly regained composure and had a plan to get to the airport. I also think it has made me a bit more vocal. This is because while traveling sometimes it is best to just ask someone for help or directions instead of trying to figure it out yourself or by looking it up on your phone. Before coming here I strongly disliked asking others for help and would rather take more time to do it on my own. Traveling and being clueless at some points while traveling lessened my unwillingness to ask (sometimes stupid) questions.

London: blog post #9

I have officially hit the point in which I have less than a month abroad less and less than half a month left in London. I just returned from Prague, and it was one of my favorite trips. I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting, but Prague surpassed those expectations. I think I had some preconceived notions about the city being in a Central European country and its communist past. Prague, however, was a vibrant, lively city full of street performers, amazing food, tourists, and helpful locals. I also really enjoyed Prague because of the Jewish heritage that is there. They have a Jewish Quarter with a rich history and some of the many synagogues from earlier periods, before rebuilding occurred, remain. I have found a lot of the places I have visited have a lot of Jewish history, but to me Prague seemed the place in which this history and heritage was most on display.

London: Blog post #8

Since I last wrote I have traveled to Italy and Cambridge, as well as spending more time in London. I spent 6 nights in Italy with my sister who came to visit me from Virginia, and I have to say it was one of the strongest culture shocks I have had so far. We started in Verona and then trained to Milan, Venice, and Rome.

London: Blog Post 7

Hey everyone!

I am back again with my 7th blog post of the semester! To give a quick update: things are going great. My semester is coming to a close and my classes went very well. I am loving life in London and am sad that the semester will be ending. I feel fully acclimated to life in London am very accustomed to the culture I am living in.

London: Blog Post 6

Hey everyone!

I am back with another update on my progression here in London and how things have changed since the last time that I wrote up an update. In this post, I primarily want to talk about academic life and how it is different than academic life at the University of Virginia. I will look a little bit at both extracurricular life and then the actual academics at the University as well. To me, they are much different as a whole than at UVA.

London: Half way through

It’s hard to believe that I have already been in London for exactly two months today! Two months seems like a long time, but it has felt like it has gone by in a second. At this point I would say I’m pretty well adjusted to life in London, and I definitely have been adopting more and more of their lingo without thinking about it. What’s even funnier is that I have a Canadian apartment mate, and I’m picking up some of her speech habits too. So maybe I’ll come back saying “eh” in a British accent!

London: Traveling in and outside of the U.K.

In about the past week I have been from London to Paris, France and back to London and then from London to Oxford, England. The traveling has been eye-opening and unforgettable, but also challenging and exhausting. Going to Paris was the first time I had ever visited a place that did not have English as its main language. I did not think it would be much of shock but it definitely was. I was especially surprised because I went to touristy parts of Paris where most people spoke enough English for me to get by, but it was still disorienting. I think that is part of what makes traveling so exhausting; you always have to be alert and ready to try to communicate with people, because without a common language it is extremely difficult.

London: Settling in and traveling

I just started my third week of classes and really feel like I am settling in here. However, I have actually noticed some of the biggest differences between London and the United States, Charlottesville specifically, in the classroom. Some classes feel very serious and very much like a normal lecture at UVA. Then, there are some classes that are much more casual than my experience at UVA. For example, I am taking a course called European Business Seminar and since it is 2 hours long the professor gives us a break half way through class. During this break around half of the class leaves even though there is material covered through group presentations in the second half of the class. Even more shocking to me than this is the fact that many students talk during the lecture. Now, I’m not saying that this does not happen during some UVA classes, but some of my professors here will never address the loudly whispering students and will continue as normal. This is another thing that really surprises me, because the professors do not seem offended by this chatter; I see it as rude, but the people it should be offending do not.