Copenhagen: Letter to Myself

Hey Alex,

Are you ready for it? You’ve imagined studying abroad in Copenhagen since first-year at UVA, and now it’s finally happening! Before you embark on the journey, I’m going to document some pre-departure thoughts, which hopefully will help ease some of the late-night questions of “am I prepared enough?”, “will I enjoy the culture?” or “how will I like my roommate?”


Don’t lose sight of your goals

You’ve always wanted to live in a city, and even though Charlottesville has plenty of activities, there are some things that can’t be found outside of Copenhagen which you need to make the most of.

Milan Pre-Departure Blog

Dear Me,

After spending what felt like an endless winter break at home, in less than a week you’ll be in Milan! It feels strange watching all of my friends return to UVA for the spring semester and not joining them. But, I know this coming semester will be the best one yet and I will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Italy!

Pre-Departure Blog Entry

Dear Thomas,

You’re finally on your way. A decade ago, you promised yourself that you would never leave your house. A  year ago, you promised yourself that you would never leave the country. But, against all internal odds, you managed to convince yourself to leave the country, and your lifelong home, for 4 months to study abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. I have confidence that you’ll learn more than you ever have about cultures across Europe, and come back with more than a few stories to tell!

What are your top three goals for your semester abroad?

Beijing: Pre-Departure Letter to Myself

Dear Emma,

I know you are very excited about exchanging to Peking University, the best University in your home country. Starting from primary school, you have been told that studying in Peking University is a privilege only for the most intelligent and diligent students. Now after three years’ study in the United States, you are going to join PKU to learn more about its glorious history and diverse culture. However, before you depart, I would like to remind you of two important things you need to do during your stay.

Madrid Blog Post 1: Pre-Departure Letter to Myself

Dear Katie,

I am so excited to be going abroad! This is something I have been wanting to do for my entire life and it is finally here. It is both exciting and scary because I have never visited a foreign country for so long. Before I go, there are a few things I want to keep in mind.

Copenhagen: Embarking on my “Study-Home” Semester

Hey Dani,

Congratulations! You’ve already made it through five semesters overseas in  Charlottesville and you’ve even survived your first semester of ICE – though at times you doubted whether you would make it out in one piece! Two and half years as an international student at UVA have flown by and you can now confidently say that you have experienced some of the best years of your life. However, now that you’ve said your temporary goodbyes, you are ready to write an entirely new chapter. Next Chapter: Return home to Copenhagen for a single semester in order to chase your ultimate dream. Playing professional soccer.

London Pre-Departure Letter

Dear Me,

You have a while before you set foot in London. Another 10 days to be exact. However, I can feel the excitement mounting even now. Before you find yourself in THE financial capital of the world, I hope you keep in mind these three goals we’ve set together:

  • Actively seek out learning opportunities. This can be from your professors, fellow students, and people you meet throughout Europe. Take this time to experience new cultures, languages, foods, and people. Don’t pretend like you know everything and go into new experiences as a student of the world.

Before Singapore:

I am going to arrive in Singapore in about three days and I am filled with anticipation for the new semester. This will be the first time that I would have stayed away from home for more than seven weeks.  One of my main goals is to experience many different cultures during my short time abroad and broaden my global perspective. Another goal is to challenge myself during the semester and try new experiences that push me out of my comfort zone. My last goal for the semester is to enjoy the semester and make the most of my time abroad in a different culture.