Telecom Industry-complementary

Following Khanh’s discussion about telecom industry, I just want to add some more points that we discussed last night at the dinner.

1. Fierce competition – result of the lack of tracking methods.

 As in the U.S, the government uses SSN to locate people. However, in Indonesia, the “tracking” system is not established and people are free to go anywhere. Also, because of the unique geographical location of Indonesia, it is hard to track people’s presence and personal information. This situation leads to higher population mobility within the country. For telecom industry, it means that people could easily switch from one brand to another. They only need to ditch a number and buy a new one from another operator. The easiness of switching creates more competition.

Indonesian telecom industry

Last night was my 2nd night at the Ritz in Jakarta, and I must say it again – love the king size bed and the spacious bathroom with the connecting walk-in closet.

Breakfast yesterday morning was great – they had a New Year’s buffet in the grand ballroom. My roommate Nancy and I enjoyed our superb breakfast in the easy atmosphere, complimented by live piano and a soft baritone voice singing in the background. That was nice.

Tonight's Dinner

Hey everyone!

Tonight’s traditional Indonesian cuisine was so delicious. Much of the food that I have had so far up to this point was very Westernized so it was nice to taste traditional Indonesian flavors. So far I have experienced great food, great new friends, and a great city!


Quick introduction- I’m Manya, a second year at UVA, from Hyderabad, India.

I’m a little obsessed with names, their meanings and roots. So here you go: Jakarta is derived from the Old Javanese word “Jayakarta” which translates as “victorious deed”, “complete act”, or “complete victory” (courtesy: Wikipedia).

Jayakarta would have a similar translation in Hindi (the official language of India).

Recommended Places in Jakarta

Hey everyone!

I thought I’d share this short list of recommended places in Jakarta. It was given to me by a guy from Indonesia who was working in Doha, Qatar (where I had a horrendous 14 hour layover).  Hope you all find it useful!


  • Mall AbasadorCanoeing in Jakarta
  • Manora 2


  • Senayan/Plaza
  • Senayan


  • Dragon Fly
  • Red Square
  • X2

Disclaimer: I have no idea what any of these places are, just that they are “the best” haha.

See you all tonight!


Hey hey Greetings!

Hi Class,

Hope you are all doing well and arriving safely. Warm Greetings!

Several thoughts upon arrival:

1. This Hotel is so awesome! The Queen (or King?) size bed, huge window with beautiful sceneries combined with great breakfast food.Do not forget to check out the pool and jogging track!

2. Note the exchange rate!!  1USD=9000Indonesia Rupiah. Also, we do not need to pay the Arrival Visa fee at the airport anymore because we have applied and got approved already.

3. Some mainpoints about Mega Kuningan (international town park), the area we are in now:

Market Insights in Southeast Asia: Welcome to our class blog!

I will be traveling in Indonesia and Vietnam with 27 University of Virginia students to explore business, economics, culture, and context in this fast-growing, culturally rich region.  Please check-in with us periodically to learn more about our learning experiences along the way.

Rickshaws in Sunda Kalepa
Rickshaws in Sunda Kalepa

Most of our students decided to travel to other countries in Asia prior to arriving today in Jakarta, Indonesia (e.g., Malaysia, Singapore, India, Thailand, and China), and I look forward to welcoming everyone to Indonesia, sharing pre-class travel stories, and kicking off what should be a very meaningful learning experience.

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