Market Insights in Southeast Asia: Welcome to our class blog!

I will be traveling in Indonesia and Vietnam with 27 University of Virginia students to explore business, economics, culture, and context in this fast-growing, culturally rich region.  Please check-in with us periodically to learn more about our learning experiences along the way.

Rickshaws in Sunda Kalepa
Rickshaws in Sunda Kalepa

Most of our students decided to travel to other countries in Asia prior to arriving today in Jakarta, Indonesia (e.g., Malaysia, Singapore, India, Thailand, and China), and I look forward to welcoming everyone to Indonesia, sharing pre-class travel stories, and kicking off what should be a very meaningful learning experience.

McIntire Students Around the World

Students pose in front of the Leaning Tower of PisaThe McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia offers a wide range of international opportunities to students.  This blog is intended to share some of the stories of our students as they study and travel through some of the world’s most interesting cities and countries in search of global perspectives on business.

Program offerings include short-term faculty-led courses (2-3 weeks), courses with travel components, and semester-long offerings abroad at partner institutions.  Sort by programs and city/country of interest on the right side bar, and use the TAGS to sort by blog post themes.Copenhagen