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Queen’s Day in Amsterdam

I just spent four days in Amsterdam, exploring the city and celebrating Queen’s Day. Queen’s Day is a holiday to celebrate the queen’s birthday on April 30. This date is actually the queen’s mother’s birthday, but she kept the holiday in April because her birthday is during the winter and the weather is nicer in the spring for the outdoor celebration. This Queen’s Day was special because it was the last Queen’s Day, for Queen Beatrix stepped down from the throne and her son ascended the monarchy. Thus, next year will be King’s Day, on his birthday, April 27. Queen’s Day differed this year because it included the  king’s coronation. I saw the royal family (the House of Orange, which is why everyone wears orange on this day) enter the New Church for the ceremony. Very cool! Then I celebrated with the locals. The festivities reminded me of a mix between Foxfield and Greek philanthropy events in the spring, but on a city-wide scale. All the streets and stores were shut down as people ate cheap yet delicious food and sang and dance to loud and energetic music. It is a day to have fun and celebrate the royal family. Queen’s Day is the only day when locals can sell their belongings garage sale style, so many street vendors sell clothes and goods. Children also sold goods at a local park! They are businessmen in the making.

Window into the Heart of HSG

As I look across the library, I get pangs on nostalgia for Club Clemm or Alderman… or at least another library that stays open past 10 pm. However, the overall design of the library really allows you to still appreciate the beauty of the outdoors, and so I figured that I would take this opportunity to share a bit about the design of HSG.