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ESADE vs. McIntire

Final exams and papers are due this week at ESADE! Within the past two weeks my five classes ended, two of which required group presentations for the final classes. In addition to the online finance course I took through McIntire, I took 5 classes at ESADE, a mix of business and humanities courses:

  • Marketing in Spain: introductory marketing class, but in the context of Spain. I had an interesting group project in which I came up with a new product to introduce into the Spanish market. I conducted the entire marketing process from research to “implementation.”

Jouy-en-Josas: Geopolitics and Energy

When registering for this semester’s classes, before arriving in France, there was one class in particular, Geopolitics and Energy, which I was extremely excited for. Reading the course’s syllabus alone made me wish the class would start the very next day. The syllabus mapped out lectures covering global energy demand, US policies and OPEC, energy security and the proliferation of nuclear energy, all of which are of great interest to me, being the son of a diplomat living in Cairo, Egypt. In addition, I read up on the professor, Jean-Michel Gauthier, whose extensive professional experience seemed to make him the perfect candidate, if not even over qualifying him for the job. Prof. Gauthier is currently a Chief Economist Officer, the Executive Director of Deloitte’s Global Energy and Resource division, as well as being an HEC Energy and Finance Chair, with over twenty years of professional experience in the energy industry. (It was slightly amusing listening to him introduce himself in class, for each time, it took a good 5 minutes.)