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Vienna Waits for You

So when I said in my last post in Budapest that I would be writing about Vienna in a few days…I lied. Traveling and soaking everything up here in Copenhagen leaves little time for much else, particularly blogging. So now, a month after my trip to Vienna, I’m finally sitting down to write about it. It’s funny though how all it takes is a song and a couple memories for everything to come flooding back. The clear choice in this case was to listen to Billy Joel’s song, Vienna, a few times just to get the blood flowing. Considering my home town is Vienna, VA and I’ve got a real soft spot for Billy Joel, that song in particular has always been a go-to. Different lyrics and instrumental parts always stand out to me, however this time being “so ambitious for a juvenile” struck a chord. The trip I’m talking about right now was an 8-day trek through Budapest, Vienna, and Prague. Factoring in all the traveling to and from Copenhagen and in between the cities, this was a very ambitious trip. In every city we had to pick and choose what sites to see, but generally we tried to do it all. So, given that we spent three days each in Budapest and Prague, that left two in Vienna, the first of which was a day essentially wasted traveling. Doing an entire city in one day was certainly ambitious, but given what we accomplished, apparently we were up to the task.

Finding Gold in the Ruins

This morning I woke up with the sunrise in Budapest. I looked out my window and watched the sky turn shades of pink and purple against the unique skyline that includes the towers from the Catholic Church and Jewish Synagogue. I honestly can’t believe that this is real life. I almost had to pinch myself to realize that it all isn’t just a dream. I can’t believe that I am this lucky.