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Languages Over the World

Being abroad I have been exposed to various languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, German, Korean, etc. I was surprised to find how similar some languages are yet how different others are. For example, my roommate, who speaks Hindi, said she learned there are similarities between Arabic and Hindi once we traveled to Morocco (where people speak French and Arabic). Conversely, I did not expect Spanish and Portuguese to differ as drastically as they do. Based on my Spanish background reading Portuguese is much easier than listening to it, because the Portuguese speak in such a different accent than Spaniards do. Similarly, when I was in Morocco I met three girls from Brazil who said they have trouble understanding  when South Americans speak Spanish, because Portuguese and Spanish are so different.

ESADE vs. McIntire

Final exams and papers are due this week at ESADE! Within the past two weeks my five classes ended, two of which required group presentations for the final classes. In addition to the online finance course I took through McIntire, I took 5 classes at ESADE, a mix of business and humanities courses:

  • Marketing in Spain: introductory marketing class, but in the context of Spain. I had an interesting group project in which I came up with a new product to introduce into the Spanish market. I conducted the entire marketing process from research to “implementation.”