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Thoughts before departure for Denmark

I feel ready. I’m sitting in Dulles airport as I type this first blog post, and I am very ready to board my flight out of Washington, D.C., to begin the two-legged journey that will deposit me in Copenhagen, Denmark. The prospect of this Global Commerce Immersion course (GCI) has kept me motivated through the many late nights spent in the bowels of Clemons or Rouss-Robertson during finals week, and I am ready to collect my reward for surviving!

A taste of China Pre-departure

Greetings, dear classmates, friends, alumni, parents, faculty members and other blog visitors! This is Dian Zhang 张典. I am a rising fourth-year McIntire student. It is my greatest honor to serve as the GCI Student Coordinator for COMM 4394: Market Insights in China, especially as an international student from China. This gives me the best opportunity to introduce my homeland to my US classmates and build up the global perspective together. I will use my knowlegde, language ability and my greatest effort to help everyone get the best experience out of this course.  In the following May Term, I will keep recording the lessons we learn, the experience we enjoy and the memory we share under the lead of Prof. Maxham through blog posts and photos.

Brazil bound!

Hello all,

I’m thrilled to be writing to you from a tiny table with spotty wifi in Reagan airport. I’m currently enjoying my last stateside dinner and will soon be at a cruisin’ altitude of 39,000 feet. I will keep this brief, as I am afraid that once I start writing about all I am excited for – I won’t stop. So, let’s confine this to a “Top 3 most looked forward to moments in Brazil”: