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Student’s reflect on their time abroad.

Academic Year in Brazil = Done

After one final, hectic round of tests, my third year, and academic year abroad, are done. At my university, Fundacao Getulio Vargas, the exam season was marked with the same signs: students sleeping in the libraries, coffee consumption skyrocketing, and the worried looks on faces. But just like every year, we all manage to get through it in the end.
This exam season was a bit different for me, however. Of the 4 exams I took, 2 were in Portuguese. When I first arrived in Brazil, I never even imagined that I would be able to do the high-pressure exams in Portuguese. And they were tough, don’t get me wrong. But in the end, I completed them (and am now awaiting my test scores…)
With the exams ending, most of my exchange-student friends are leaving. Some are heading straight home, others heading to far off places in South America to travel. Now that we are on vacation, more travel ensues. Despite the diverse end locations, I noticed a commonality between all of those leaving, which is a commonly held affection for São Paulo. For a city like Buenos Aires, or New York, or Paris, I can understand this attachment after so little time, but São Paulo?
When I first arrived here, all São Paulo felt like was a huge, at times austere concrete jungle. Arranha-ceus, or skyscrapers, dominate the landscape, like huge, concrete blocks dropped throughout the city. Not exactly stunning.
But as the months pass by, São Paulo grows on you. The wild orchids growing in trees above your head. The small alleyways hiding excellent restaurants. And the dizzying array of culture, food, and people is impressive. São Paulo is not a tourist’s city, because so much of what is great is hard to find. For such a huge city, the best things are in the small details.
-Alex Wolz

Final days in Barcelona

I am down to my final days in Barcelona (BCN, or Barna as the locals sometimes refer to it)!! Where oh where did the time go? Looking back on my time in BCN, a lot happened in four months, but there is still so much left to do. I will definitely return to BCN and Europe one day soon, both to travel and hopefully work here. Four months is not an adequate amount of time to fully immerse oneself in Europe. There is too much history to learn and culture to explore– food to try;  architecture, art, and photography to admire;  and languages to speak. In four months I have certainly dabbled in the cultures of several countries, and I feel very comfortable in BCN. But I want more time. I suppose everyone does. (Side note: In my Spanish Art and Culture class I learned that Americans loved Dali’s melting clocks paintings [see picture] because according to Dali, Americans are obsessed with time. They want to maximize their time to maximize their profit.)

ESADE vs. McIntire

Final exams and papers are due this week at ESADE! Within the past two weeks my five classes ended, two of which required group presentations for the final classes. In addition to the online finance course I took through McIntire, I took 5 classes at ESADE, a mix of business and humanities courses:

  • Marketing in Spain: introductory marketing class, but in the context of Spain. I had an interesting group project in which I came up with a new product to introduce into the Spanish market. I conducted the entire marketing process from research to “implementation.”

How Barcelona has changed me… so far

I love living in Barcelona! I feel so comfortable here, navigating the city via metro, walking when the weather is nice, visiting my regular restaurant and bakery. People are friendly, the area is safe, and I learn something new about Barcelona and myself every day. I have developed a routine and I feel comfortable sticking with it, but I also enjoy changing plans last minute, trying out new sites, restaurants, etc. I still have to pinch myself sometimes to avoid getting too comfortable because my time here is limited. But I think the finality of my semester inspires me to take advantage of everyday.

Reid’s India Blog: COMM 4530

1.  May 16, 2012

I touched down in Delhi, late Sunday evening, meeting up with Professor Cheema.  Except for the masses of Indian people waiting the arrival of other passengers, there were no immediate signs indicating that we were actually 14 hours across the globe in Asia.  The terminal was modern and clean, unlike many foreign airports I had previously visited. Professor Cheema and I sat at a café drinking coffee and tea as we anxiously awaited the arrival of our travel buddies. Moreover, English was spoken in abundance.  We finally left the airport after each member of our party arrived separately and darted through the night to our hotel, the Taj Ambassador, our new makeshift home for the next week.  Barely tired because of the radical time difference, I managed to get a few hours of sleep.

Phil’s India Blog: COMM 4530

Connaught Place and Chandni Chowk in New and Old Delhi
Uniquely thriving shopping centers and multiple modes of transportation

Our first day out in New Delhi we visited Connaught Place, a vibrant shopping center in the heart of New Delhi’s business district.  As a first impression, Connaught Place was quite the eye opener with its abundance of people, cars and businesses, but as we quickly learned it was only minor in comparison to the experience we would have the following day in Chandi Chowk market of Old Delhi.

Jean’s India Blog: COMM 4530



I landed in Delhi on May 15th at 11:30PM.  After hours of flight, I was tired and needed transportation from the airport to the Ambassador hotel, where the group was staying.  I wandered around the airport for a while and found a prepaid taxi deal for 400 rupees.  I was relieved and thought I was going to be able sleep on the way to the hotel. In no way was I prepared for the thrill I was about to experience.  I immediately realized I was in India as I got into the black, green, and yellow taxi, taking notice of the driver seat right side location and the pictures of Hindu gods in the car, illuminated by alternating green and red lights.

Gina’s India Blog: COMM 4530

Delhi: A contradictory city with contradictory sentiments

Landed at the Indira Gandhi International Airport at midnight on May 14th, I was attracted by the modern look of the design of the terminal, despite struggling to combat jetlag as a result of my flight from US to Taiwan two days earlier. New Delhi welcomed me with the black-flannel-like night sky and 80-degree breeze, which I would learn to appreciate after the sun came back out in the morning.

Ashlie’s India Blog: COMM 4530

India: First Impression, Worry and Beauty

I expected so much and so little from India. I had a clear and structured picture of India. However, after being here for a few days, my head spins when asked to describe India. The reasoning is simple: the first thing that hit me while I was here was the chaos. The incredible rush of hundreds of people, the pure frustration while caught in traffic, the noise, the sounds, and colors and the culture, everything just slammed into me all at once. Perhaps I should try to just begin slowly and think about it all over again.