Benvingut a Barcelona!

We can’t quite believe it, the M.S. in Global Commerce (MSGC) program is already in its last city: Barcelona. Spain may be the country of the siesta (and the fiesta!), but the program has hit the ground running at ESADE. While everyone is polishing up their Spanish (and trying to learn a few words of Catalan), we’re also taking out our notebooks and resumes again after the brief break between the Lingnan and ESADE terms.

Upon arriving in Barcelona, ESADE hosted an orientation day that included an activity that, we can argue, was the most incredible team-building activity we have done yet. We will admit that we were skeptical when we saw “team-building activity” on the orientation schedule- we’ve been living together for six months; how much more can we get to know each other?! But, of course, ESADE knew what it was doing… and it surprised us with a castellers team.

What are castellers, you ask? Take a look at this video:

Castells are human towers, and building them is a typical Castellonian activity. Yes. Yes, we did that. MSGC- not for the faint of heart, eh? And let us just say, we didn’t do too shabby for a bunch of first-timers. The record is nine “floors,” and we did three. So we’re basically native Barcelonans now. Check it out:

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Besides continuing (slightly perilous) teamwork activities, we’ve been busy with career search events. Late last week, ESADE hosted a two-day career fair with 55 companies spanning the banking, consumer goods, and consulting industries. Big-name companies such as Inditex, Nike, Deutsche Bank, Deloitte, Bloomberg, KPMG, Johnson and Johnson (…and the list continues) made appearances with information sessions and even group interviews. On top of that, the MSGC program is participating in an exclusive case competition with Adidas’s Director of Strategy, Lillian Bautista.

So, what’s on the class docket for this semester? Students are starting the first week off with the “Doing Business in Europe” counterpart to the “Doing Business in the US/China” classes that we have completed at UVA and Lingnan, respectively. We’ll then move onto topics such as Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Cross Border M&A, Business Simulation, Global Brand Management Strategies, and Sustainability and CSR. We’re also looking forward to a study trip to London and Dublin, where we’ll have the opportunity to visit and network with an impressive list of companies: Google, Bloomberg, GSK, and Simon Kucher.

Adding on thesis work and beach time, it’s going to be quite the busy semester!

-Written by Sierra Prochna

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