Exploring Europe During Term 3

Once again the M.S. in Global Commerce (MSGC) schedule gave students the perfect opportunity to explore the country they currently call home, Spain, and the surrounding areas with a break during the Holy Week leading up to Easter known as “Semana Santa.” In their typical fashion, students seized the opportunity to travel both domestically and abroad to see more of Europe after exploring countries all throughout Asia.

One group of nine students took on an ambitious five countries in ten days whirlwind tour of northern Europe. Starting out with four days in Copenhagen, they embraced the hygge lifestyle with plenty of delicious Danish pastries (it very quickly became clear why a whole category of sweets is named after this country!), beer (you have to embrace the culture, right?) and made sure to dodge the omnipresent bicycles (“That bell you hear? It is the sound of death,” according to their tour guide).  After a quick day trip to Sweden (ah, you have to love Europe) they moved onto Amsterdam. Sometimes, you get lucky and you happen to be in Amsterdam when it’s tulip season- and then you get to see this:

Tulips Tulips3

Continuing through Europe’s chocolate belt, they moved on to Brussels, where they took every advantage possible to eat the famous waffles (highly recommended). Using Brussels as a base, day trips to gorgeous Bruges and Ghent were planned, before finally wrapping up the adventure in Luxembourg, where they explored the Luxembourg Tunnels, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. American student Chesa said, “The opportunity to be in Amsterdam when the tulips were blooming was a once in a lifetime experience. Seeing five countries in ten days with eight of my best friends was an unforgettable experience.”




However, yet another group decided to explore the beauty that Spain has to offer, with a bit of France on the side. On a week-long road trip, they saw Zaragoza, Bilbao, San Sebastián, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Carcasone, and Girona before returning to Barcelona. Although Portuguese student Rita says that the group favorite was San Sebastián, they had a great time in all cities, especially visiting the Chateaux Guaud Larose winery in Bordeaux, (when in France…).

winery food

Yet another trip was made to Paris, where Indian student Rashi completed a lifelong dream by visiting the City of Love. Along with Austrian student Alex, Rashi saw the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and even snapped a pic with the Mona Lisa. “Whenever people asked me about the city that I most wanted to visit, the answer was always Paris. I’m so glad MSGC put me so close and I had the opportunity to go!”
Paris 2 Paris Paris 3

The best part of all these trips, though? Getting back to Barcelona!

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