London Calling: ESADE Career Trek

As April came to an end, the  M.S. in Global Commerce (MSGC) students had the opportunity to travel to London and visit several leading companies in different industries. The two-day trip, organized by the career team at ESADE, mirrored the similar events that took place both in the US and China, completing a final overview for the students about opportunities and firms across the different countries and cultures.

The first visit was to GlaxoSmithKline, the pharmaceutical company with headquarters in west London. After a quick walkthrough of the main facility, the students attended a company presentation through which they were introduced to the company culture of GSK; throughout the presentations, and after hearing from the employees, it’s clear that the focus of the firm lays with the customer. In the presentation, the students gained insights about the company’s main business areas as well as the opportunities available for graduate students.

GlaxoSmithKline headquarters in Brentford, London (UK).

Finishing at GSK, the group crossed the city through the notorious London Tube to visit Google’s facility in London. Located just behind King’s Cross, the company’s London facility showed off the uniqueness of the firm. The students attended a presentation that went over the several business units of Google in London, from app/web advertisements and optimization to the cloud solution and the Google Play platform, which is becoming increasing important for the US company.

View of Kings Cross London railway station from the last floor of one of Google’s office in London (UK).

The last company visit of the day was Simon-Kucher & Partners, recognized global leader in pricing and marketing strategy consulting. The presentation about the company and the opportunities available there was followed by a short networking event in which students were able to interact directly with the employees, asking about their experience and insights about both the firm and industry. The positive environment they created let the students interact in a natural and informal way, fostering interesting discussions and creating what will be positive connections for future opportunities.

The second day of the trip started with a visit to London’s facility of Bloomberg. After learning about the company’s core values and business, an analyst of the company showed a practical use of the Bloomberg terminal and the incredible potential that it has as an information asset and more. Particularly striking was how the terminal can be used to track the current live situation of crude oil cargo across the globe. With the software and the global network, analysts can track down the single’s ship position worldwide.

The last stop of the London Career Trek was, which is an internet venture company specializing in creating web products in the financial service, e-commerce and family-tech sectors. The focus of the meeting was Printastic, a mobile app that lets customers create and buy photo-books, calendars, canvases and more. The presentation (given by an ESADE alumnus) sparked the interest of the students, who later engaged with him in an interesting Q&A session about entrepreneurship and start-ups, gaining a lot of invaluable information and insights from an experienced professional.

After wrapping up the final company visit, most students decided to stay for the weekend in London to visit the UK capital. Two members of the group had previous experience working and living in London, and they were more than happy to show everybody both the touristy and more hidden sides of the city!

View of the National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London (UK).

Alessandro Lenzin comes to MSGC from Milan, Italy. Prior to pursuing his master’s, he studied at the Università  Commerciale Luigi Bocconi in Milan.

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