Fall Reflections and Spring Beginnings

The end of the semester at UVA was busy with final group projects and thesis proposal deadlines for the first of three parts of the M.S. in Global Commerce program. After spending several months working on a market research project for the cookware company Circulon, we had the opportunity to present our findings and suggestions to Circulon executives. This was a really interesting experiential opportunity to practice our presentation skills in a business setting and apply the concepts we learned throughout the semester.

After our thesis proposal defense—which allowed us to present our thesis topics to faculty and students—we enjoyed a farewell dinner and said goodbye to UVA and Grounds (campus). Charlottesville provided us with a strong foundation to the program, giving us firsthand experience working in international teams and developing new friendships, all while enjoying the University of Virginia’s beautiful campus and its surroundings.

Lingnan (University) College, Sun Yat-sen University

Now, with the start of the New Year, we embark on new beginnings in the second destination of the program: Guangzhou, China. We’re adjusting well to our new home on the banks of the Pearl River and are working through the language barriers! I’ve found translation apps to be helpful and the Chinese students in the program have been amazing ambassadors. Guangzhou is known for its food and we are definitely embracing the local cuisine, enjoying everything from dumplings and noodles to hot pot and traditional dim sum!

As classes start this week at Lingnan (University) College, I’m interested to learn from a new set of professors and continue to discover new perspectives from my classmates. The classes at Lingnan include Doing Business in China, Consumer Behavior Across the Globe, International Financial Management, and Global Operation and Supply Chain Management.

Orientation at Lingnan (University) College

Outside of the classroom, we are eager to start exploring the diverse cities in China. Student groups are planning extracurricular trips to Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Beijing during our free weekends. The Chinese Lunar New Year is coming up in February, and the supermarkets are already full of bright red and gold decorations. I’m excited to experience this holiday in China and all of its unique traditions.

– Katherine Campbell, Class of 2018

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