Meet the Inaugural Class

When September 1st rolled around, 59 students from around the world descended on Charlottesville, Virginia for the official start of first year of the M.S. in Global Commerce program.

Arriving by train, plane, and car (one student can ride a unicycle, but his mode of arrival remains unconfirmed), women from China, men from Poland, and others from a range of countries in between got their first glance at UVA, the only university in the U.S. to be designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Four Chinese students and a Swiss student helped a girl from Texas unpack her car, and a boy from Virginia picked up a girl from Portugal from the airport. At this point, all they knew that they had in common was a love of adventure and a background in business.

So, who exactly makes up this class? By the numbers, the MSGC Class of 2017 consists of students from 14 different countries:


Women make up ~40% of the class, and the amount of work experience students have ranges between 0-2 years.  The students, with an average age of 22.7 years, have worked in a variety of industries, from fashion to banking to advertising, and hope to find jobs in an equally diverse selection of fields.picture2

In case you missed it, The Wall Street Journal published a great article  about the M.S. in Global Commerce program that also dives deeper into two students’ reasoning for embarking on this journey.  Stay tuned for future blog posts as we get to meet the people behind the inaugural class, talk to professors, and follow the students’ adventures through North America, China, and Europe!

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