From the Quad to the Lawn

From Texas A&M to the University of Virginia, from the Quad to the Lawn, from Sully to Thomas Jefferson, from “Gig’em” to “Wahoowa,” from yell leaders to cheerleaders, and from the South to the “North.” Despite the differences, the transition from Texas A&M to UVA has been an easy one. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the two schools share the same focus on integrity and collaborative culture.  The fit seemed almost natural (Virginians even say “y’all”)!

Chinese New Year: a Time for Family and Tradition

My name is Diya Zhang, and I was born in a southern city in China called Yangzhou. I graduated from Lingnan College at Sun Yat-Sen University, majoring in International Business. I worked as an intern in the Marketing Department at HSBC (China) in 2015, and in the Consulting Department at Deloitte (China) in 2016. For fun, during my undergraduate years, I served as the head of the SYSU Chinese Orchestra and the Captain of the Lingnan International Dragon Boat Team. I love learning about new cultures and making friends with people from different cultures, and, (importantly!) I love to explore tasty foods from all over the world! All of these things motivated me to do the M.S. in Global Commerce (MSGC) program.

Celebrating Spring Festival Throughout Asia

Our M.S. in Global Commerce (MSGC) students have had the opportunity to further their explorations throughout Asia with a break from classes for observance of Chinese New Year, or “Spring Festival,” celebrations. As the largest holiday celebration in China- that also includes one of the largest human migrations in the world- Chinese New Year sees people from all over the country returning to their childhood homes and families to welcome in the year of the Rooster.

Leveraging Commerce Career Services to Land a Job in Management Consulting

Alex on Grounds at UVA

During my senior year at Florida State University I was looking at my options of either pursing graduate school or entering the workforce. After learning about the M.S. in Global Commerce program, I quickly realized that the opportunity to immerse myself in so many cultures while pursuing a world class education on three continents was something I could not pass up.

Clear flying ahead for MSGC students

wjk_rotundaviewProfessor William J. Kehoe is the William F. O’Dell Professor of Commerce at UVA and a co-professor for the M.S. in Global Commerce’s (MSGC) Global Business Thesis class. In an extensive career working at McIntire and in the Charlottesville community, he has received many accolades, most recently the Paul Goodloe McIntire Citizenship Award from the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce. The award seeks to recognize a person who has made extraordinary contribution to the Charlottesville community, and we’re lucky to have him on board with our program. I sat down with him to learn his thoughts about career prospects for MSGC graduates.