Exploring Washington, D.C. through MSGC eyes

To kick off his “Doing Business in the US” class, Professor Trey Maxham brought the M.S. in Global Commerce program to Washington D.C. last weekend to visit a number of governmental and cultural institutions that affect business in the United States. Over the course of three days, students were treated to tours and presentations from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), SelectUSA, the U.S. Capitol Building, and George Washington’s Mount Vernon, among others.img_6414

Charlottesville is for Everybody

drakesamford3 continents. 2 degrees. 1 year. 14 classes. 40 credit hours. 59 students, 59 personalities. 20 Americans, 23 Europeans, 16 Asians.

With the M.S. in Global Commerce program, there are so many numbers to be reminded of, but one number in particular has been on my mind lately: 11. We only have 11 weeks left here on Grounds at the University of Virginia, and that’s scary.


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