Going Global: Class of 2018 GIE Reveal

With bated breath we waited, 124 students eager to explore the global business world. To everyone else, it was a cold Tuesday night, but to M.S. in Commerce students anticipating global study adventures, we could almost feel the desert winds of UAE or humid Hong Kong breeze on our faces. Professors and staff were in high spirits as they assembled at the front of the room. Smiling widely at his captive audience, Professor Peter Maillet, Associate Dean of Global Affairs, began to outline the purpose of the Global Immersion Experience (GIE) course and the six tracks offered to the Class of 2018.

It’s Job Season: The CCS Careers in Marketing Forum

With autumn’s arrival in Charlottesville, students at the McIntire School of Commerce have traded their sundresses and shorts for a sharper uniform: power suits and padfolios. The marketing-inclined students—including this trio of bloggers—were no exception last month, with Commerce Career Services (CCS) turning its focus to the two-day Careers in Marketing Forum. Students dusted off their networking skills and listened eagerly to a host of marketing professionals.

A Ten-Year Retrospective from the Program Director

The McIntire School proudly offers a premier M.S. in Commerce. Widely considered one of the world’s leading master’s in management programs (read: MiM vs. MBA), the curriculum eclipses the status quo of business education, offering students skills invaluable not just for a job, but a lifetime. The secret to this program’s success, however, lies in the detailed approach taken by our faculty. Ten years after the debut of the M.S. in Commerce program, we spoke with Program Director Ira Harris about the inception of this unique degree and what makes it special.

Meet the Class of ’18 Bloggers

Hello! We are your 2017-18 bloggers from the McIntire School of Commerce. Currently enrolled in the M.S. Commerce program, we look forward to providing you with the inside skinny of all things McIntire. We LOVE this program so we hope with some current insight you’ll grow to love it as well.


Virginia may be for lovers™, but Charlottesville is for foodies, adventurers, historians, and fun-seekers of all types. The centrally located University of Virginia, just two hours from Washington, D.C., infuses a pleasantly collegiate flavor, but the rich surrounding community makes it far more engaging than your typical college town.

One Month In – An M.S. in Commerce Snapshot

We blinked and it happened. In the span of four weeks, our class of 124 went from strangers to classmates to friends. We started—and nearly finished—one class, and then picked up four more. Some of us gave our first presentations before a panel of alumni judges, while all of us enjoyed the company visit to Capital One and attendance at McIntire’s annual Business Analytics Colloquium. How can four weeks fly by so quickly? Let’s take it week by week to the start of an amazing year.