Virginia may be for lovers™, but Charlottesville is for foodies, adventurers, historians, and fun-seekers of all types. The centrally located University of Virginia, just two hours from Washington, D.C., infuses a pleasantly collegiate flavor, but the rich surrounding community makes it far more engaging than your typical college town.

It’s well-established that if you show up to Cville hungry, you won’t leave disappointed. Named by Wine Magazine as the best town for food lovers in the U.S., Charlottesville boasts a staggering 460 restaurants, more restaurants per capita than any city in Virginia and 14th in the nation. If you like your goodies extra fresh, the weekend farmers’ market is certain to delight you with a taste of handcrafted wonder.

Charlottesville City (aka Farmers’)  Market on Saturdays

Let’s talk about entertainment—because Charlottesville has a ton of it. Legendary performers like Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, and U2 have graced the stages of John Paul Jones Arena and Scott Stadium. The Downtown Mall hosts a free outdoor music series, and come November, will feature the Virginia Film Festival with special guest Spike Lee!

The Paramount Theater on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall

Beyond the concerts, the great outdoors offer a bounty of activities for the nature-inclined. Tubing the James River, kayaking, horseback riding, hiking your pick of trails (Saunders-Monticello is a great one to whet your whistle), or taking a cycling tour, can provide that much-needed breath of fresh air. Ballooning is pretty big around here too for those craving an aerial perspective.

In the event you decide to explore beyond the city limits, getting around is a breeze. Public transportation within town is superb; the airport provides connections to every major hub, and an Amtrak line runs from Beantown to ATL. As mentioned earlier, D.C. is a brief jaunt if you need your political fix.

If you haven’t found your thing in Charlottesville, you’re about to.

– Malcolm Brooks, M.S. in Commerce Class of 2018

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    1. Well, Benny Deluca’s is quickly becoming a staple, but Poke Bowl, Roots, and Corner Juice are also strong contenders. That being said, my culinary journey is just beginning!

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