Specializing in Finance

Finance is one of three tracks offered in the M.S. in Commerce program, along with Marketing and Management and Business Analytics. The coursework in this concentration offers a detailed understanding of finance from an analytical and global perspective. Students learn about investments, capital markets, and the legal framework of financial organizations. Finance students hit the ground running with coursework and job interviews, and by the end of the program are ready for careers in corporate finance, investment banking, private equity, commercial banking, financial consulting, and real estate. Here’s a little bit about some of this year’s M.S. in Commerce students specializing in finance:

3+1 : What it is and why it might be right for you

I joined the M.S. in Commerce program directly after my third (junior – UVA is a little different when it comes to semantics) year in college. This wasn’t something that I had planned on doing when I got to UVA. In fact, I didn’t even know I was eligible to graduate early until I got an email from the folks at McIntire, inviting me to check the program out and see if I could graduate in three years and stay on at UVA for a master’s degree instead of a fourth year as an undergrad

The GIE 2017 Reveal

From May 13th through June 4th, M.S. in Commerce students will embark on the abroad portion of the Global Immersion Experience (GIE) to gain firsthand knowledge of business and cultural challenges around the world. The three-week curriculum focuses on understanding globalization, studying business models, and developing an expertise on specific countries. The intensive experience consists of company visits, academic sessions with universities, and sightseeing visits. The companies that McIntire students will interact with include, Nike, Dell, BMW, GE, and Rolls Royce, to name a few.

Client Presentations: Strategy and Systems

From November 4-11, M.S. in Commerce students presented their final projects to clients from the following companies: Afton Chemical, Thriving Cities, Easton Porter, Great Harvest Bread, and Merkle. The six-week assignment required students to develop an in-depth understanding of their client’s businesses, analyze the environment surrounding the industries, and make recommendations for future growth. Multiple groups presented to each client, allowing executives to take away potential solutions from each presentation.

Alumni Profile: Santiago Marulanda

Santiago’s story

Santiago was born and raised in Florida and then lived in Colombia during his middle and high school years. His family is from Colombia, and as soon as conditions became more favorable, they moved back to their home country. After studying for his first two years of college in Colombia, Santiago moved back to the U.S. to study Economics at UVA. He’s currently working at Nomura, a Japanese investment bank.

Three Months In

A while ago, I shared a bit about the first month of the M.S. in Commerce (MSC) program. Now it’s time for round two!

It’s a bit delayed, because time really flies when you’re having fun (and also when you’re in grad school… not that the two are mutually exclusive… there’s just a compounding effect).

Recruiting for Consulting

Well, folks, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for.

I know you want to know what consulting recruitment is like. Don’t play coy, you know you want to know.

Well, if you’re anything like me, you’ve chosen to believe that searching for a job after graduation is easy. Or at least you think it should be easy.