Client Presentations: Strategy and Systems

From November 4-11, M.S. in Commerce students presented their final projects to clients from the following companies: Afton Chemical, Thriving Cities, Easton Porter, Great Harvest Bread, and Merkle. The six-week assignment required students to develop an in-depth understanding of their client’s businesses, analyze the environment surrounding the industries, and make recommendations for future growth. Multiple groups presented to each client, allowing executives to take away potential solutions from each presentation.

Alumni Profile: Santiago Marulanda

Santiago’s story

Santiago was born and raised in Florida and then lived in Colombia during his middle and high school years. His family is from Colombia, and as soon as conditions became more favorable, they moved back to their home country. After studying for his first two years of college in Colombia, Santiago moved back to the U.S. to study Economics at UVA. He’s currently working at Nomura, a Japanese investment bank.

Three Months In

A while ago, I shared a bit about the first month of the M.S. in Commerce (MSC) program. Now it’s time for round two!

It’s a bit delayed, because time really flies when you’re having fun (and also when you’re in grad school… not that the two are mutually exclusive… there’s just a compounding effect).

Recruiting for Consulting

Well, folks, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for.

I know you want to know what consulting recruitment is like. Don’t play coy, you know you want to know.

Well, if you’re anything like me, you’ve chosen to believe that searching for a job after graduation is easy. Or at least you think it should be easy.

From UVA Undergrad to UVA Grad

I wanted to write a little bit about my experience going from a UVA undergraduate student to an M.S. in Commerce student. I’m a little different (but not unique, there are a bunch of us in my class), in that I graduated UVA in three years. The 3+1 approach is definitely appealing — I get to stay at UVA for a full four years, but I get two degrees in the time it would take me to get just a bachelor’s (more on being a 3+1 student in a future blog!).img_3691

Grad Life Outside the Classroom

There’s always something going on in Charlottesville, and last weekend was no exception. A football game (that we won!!!) and a free music festival took up the majority of our time—what did you do?

Hoo’s Didn’t Lose!

The Magic of Storytelling

As it gets closer to your turn, your palms start to sweat a little bit. You’ve been nervous for everyone else, but now it’s your turn to walk to the center of the room. You want to be careful not to stumble, forget what you needed to say, or lose direction in your story. After all, you’re explaining why you’re in this classroom today—the decisions and choices that led you to this point. And frankly, that can be a loaded topic.