The Perfect Pitch

We always have lots of projects going on at the Comm School. In our Communications class we had to pitch our favorite brand in three minutes or less. Check out some of our classmates in action!






A Valiant Comeback Effort

As GCOM Athletic Chair, it is my role to sign us up for IM sports that people want to play.  With all of our projects and activities you never know how many people will show up, so you can imagine my surprise when 18 of us came out for basketball!  I wanted to make sure that everyone enjoyed themselves, and got a chance to play. After all, the point of IM sports is TO HAVE FUN!

Pumpkin Party!

Friday afternoon–with its 65-degree sunshine, a coating of copper leaves, and a spread of cider and pumpkin muffins–was the perfect fall day for pumpkin carving! We all gathered at our usual East Range stomping grounds (thanks Brea!) to create pumpkin masterpieces as Peter played DJ and Jolene snapped pictures.

Students carving pumpkins.

Let’s all join hands and….rush the field!

Our football team comes around for us every once in a while – I guess that’s what keeps UVA football fans on their toes! After Virginia’s 2nd-quarter field goal brought the score up to 24-14, Colin (a proud Georgia Tech graduate in the Marketing & Management track) moved from the hill over to the GT side with his party of family and friends who came to watch their alma mater beat the Cavaliers.It was from behind the Georgia Tech flag that he watched his undefeated #12 team lose to Virginia (24-21) and his classmates rush the field. Below was the rush from our perspective on the hill:

Wine tasting: an excellent alternative to studying!

I know I’ve talked a lot about the opportunities available through career services, and Nadia has mentioned the importance of networking, but I’m sure many of you want to know what we do outside of the classroom.  When we do manage to find time away from writing memos, pitching brands, networking and job-hunting there are tons of fun things for students to do around C-Ville!

Commerce Career Day: free food, free drinks, free stuff…oh yeah, and networking

After trying on what felt like a million different jacket/shirt/pant/top/shoe combinations, I was finally ready to head back over to the Comm School on Tuesday evening last month. It was the night before the annual Commerce Career Day and McIntire was hosting company representatives for panel discussions and a networking reception. My roommate and I spent some time researching companies and coming up with “unique and insightful” questions to ask. She was not happy that my wardrobe debacle was cutting into her “networking time.”