Wine tasting: an excellent alternative to studying!

I know I’ve talked a lot about the opportunities available through career services, and Nadia has mentioned the importance of networking, but I’m sure many of you want to know what we do outside of the classroom.  When we do manage to find time away from writing memos, pitching brands, networking and job-hunting there are tons of fun things for students to do around C-Ville!

Commerce Career Day: free food, free drinks, free stuff…oh yeah, and networking

After trying on what felt like a million different jacket/shirt/pant/top/shoe combinations, I was finally ready to head back over to the Comm School on Tuesday evening last month. It was the night before the annual Commerce Career Day and McIntire was hosting company representatives for panel discussions and a networking reception. My roommate and I spent some time researching companies and coming up with “unique and insightful” questions to ask. She was not happy that my wardrobe debacle was cutting into her “networking time.”

The Value of GCOM 7010: Systems and Strategy


TO:                  Blog Viewer

FROM:            Nadia Khatouri, Co-Chief of Content,

DATE:             September 30, 2011

SUBJUCT:      The Value of GCOM 7010: Global Strategy and Systems

Commerce Career Services is so great they might even bake you a cake!

If you read my bio you will know that I went to Cornell for my undergrad. It’s a large school with about 14,000 undergrads.  How many of you go to a school of similar size or BIGGER? For those of you in the same boat, don’t you agree that it can be difficult to find help when you need it?  There were many times that I felt like I was just a number and I couldn’t get the individualized attention I really needed.  This was especially true when it came to career services.  It’s understandable that the counselors in the career services office can’t make personal connections with everyone because they have thousands of students on their watch. But for someone like me, that just doesn’t cut it!

A Mellow Meet & Greet with MSMIT

Two weeks before the Commerce Career Day (CCD), we’re all in hyper-networking mode (read: coffee chats, resume reviews, info sessions). Luckily, the MSMIT program had contacted us to plan a mixer between the three MS programs (MSMIT, MSC, MSA) last Wednesday at Mellow Mushroom on The Corner. I realized that night what we thought was a “break” from networking really was just an extension of it. Not only was management consulting firm Oliver Wyman sponsoring Mellow Mushroom’s trivia night, but we also found ourselves in the company of a dozen successful professionals in the executive MSMIT program.