Our Lingo: the Wahoo to English Dictionary

At U.Va. we have our own way of talking.  We figure that people outside our world might have trouble understanding our lingo so we came up with this little dictionary to help you out!

Academical Village:  The Jeffersonian focal point of U.Va., an arrangement of residential and academic buildings, gardens, The Lawn and Rotunda (read more).

C-ville: Charlottesville, home of the Wahoos.

Commerce Career Day: Annual Career Fair organized by Commerce Career Services with over 90 companies (read more on their website).

Comm School: You’ll find we often abbreviate our words. Comm School is just the McIntire School of Commerce shortened.

Business Change Memo: GCOM 7010 assignment in which we analyzed a dramatic technology-driven change in a particular industry.

Communication & Organizational Behavior (OB): These courses examine human behavior both within the organization and within the global business environment. They discuss personal effectiveness and interpersonal skills in a global climate.

Elevator speech: 60-second pitch about yourself to employers.

GCOM 7010: Global Strategy and Systems: Core course taught by Professor Ira Harris providing an overview of global business through the perspective of business management strategy and the organization as a system. The course involved both theory and applied cases and gave us a lot of hands-on experience with problem solving in business.

GCOM 7070: Seeking Authenticity and Thinking as a Leader (SATL): Core course taught by Professor Ira Harris that aids students in leveraging their non-business academic background, and provides guidance on integrating across the functional areas in the masters program.  Many of the classes involve guest lecturers who are successful entrepreneurs.

Global Immersion Experience (GIE): One of the very appealing aspects of the M.S. in Commerce– a 4-week program where students and faculty study business in a global context. Trips go to Europe, Southeast Asia, Latin America, East Asia, and Middle East & India.

Graduate Commerce Council (GCOM Council): Student Council responsible for planning social events and other activities outside of the classroom.

Integrated Core Experience (ICE):  McIntire’s curriculum in which course topics overlap and build upon each other and professors communicate to offer unique learning experience.

IM: Intramural sports

MSA: Master of Science in Accounting

MSC: Master of Science in Commerce (that’s us!)

MSMIT: Master of Science in Management of Information Technology

Shenandoah Valley: Beautiful mountainside near Charlottesville.

Scott Stadium: Home of the U.Va.’s football team the Cavaliers.

The Corner: Fun hang out with restaurants, bars and stores adjacent to the university.

The Good Ole Song:  Heard at football games after Cavalier scores, one of  U.Va.’s football traditions.

The Hill:  The grassy area in the student section of Scott Stadium.

The Lawn:  The grassy, terraced area in the middle of TJ’s Academical Village, also home of the Comm School!

The Park: Park at U.Va. where outdoor Intramural sports are played.

The Range:  Graduate housing in Jefferson’s historic Academical Village. There are usually a few M.S. Commerce students who live there. (read more about The Range)

The Rotunda:  The focal point of The Lawn. (read more)

TJ: Our founder Thomas Jefferson. We are on an initial-name basis with him at U.Va.

Read more about U.Va.’s traditions and lingo

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