What Are Commerce Classes Like?

If you’ve ever looked in a Commerce classroom, you’ll notice that the room is amphitheater-style and that everyone uses name tents. The classrooms are designed this way to be more conducive to classroom discussion—students can see each other’s faces and learn their names. Professors lecture just like in any other University class, but there is a lot more student participation. Discussion helps students understand the topics from different perspectives and also challenges them to tackle problems differently than they normally would. This is a great way to learn content as well as to learn about your peers. Everyone is open, excited, and respectful, which makes for a great learning environment.


You might be wondering if the Comm School is only a good fit for extroverts. The answer is NO, absolutely not! Many students want the opportunity to speak, but no one is speaking over others. Because the discussions are mediated by professors, everyone will have the chance to speak if they choose. I’ve noticed that most students usually feel strongly about or are highly interested in at least some topics throughout each course, and it’s a great opportunity to bring in outside examples or other related knowledge you might have. I was afraid at first of raising my hand to offer my opinions and responses in front of my class of 40 students; however, each time I spoke, it was less nerve-wracking than the last and I got a lot of public-speaking practice throughout as well.

–Third-Year McIntire Student