Three Options, One Student: A Curriculum How-To for Prospective McIntire Students

Picking classes for the first time can be a daunting experience, but when you add in three curriculum options, it can seem nearly impossible. Don’t worry, McIntire is here to help! While we can’t tell you exactly what classes to take, even though sometimes you wish we would, we can provide you with resources to help you choose!

So, you’ve already found your way to this blog post, and that’s a great start! If you need more information, refer to the College website. We know there may appear to be a lot of requirements, but breathe a sigh of relief, because ALL three curricula provide the flexibility to take the prerequisite courses needed to apply to McIntire in a timely manner.

Here is a quick synopsis of the three curriculum options:

The Traditional Curriculum enables students to explore a wide breadth of subjects and methods of studying. This general education curriculum requires a minimum of 30 credits to be taken across five different subject areas. Transfer students are automatically placed into this curriculum.

On the other hand, the New College Curriculum allows you to explore the many disciplines offered by the College of Arts & Sciences. It breaks from the Traditional by offering students smaller class sizes and an interdisciplinary learning environment through the Engagements.

Lastly, the Forums provide a tailored group of courses for students who are interested in exploring a particular passion. It allows students to engage in a critical analysis of a central theme while partaking in case studies and group research.

We know what you’re thinking: “These curricula seem well and good, but which one does the Admissions Committee want to see?” Well, the Committee does not prefer one curriculum over the other. McIntire values a diverse student body and wants to see each student use their first two years to create a unique liberal arts foundation on which they can build their integrated Commerce experience. Students tend to excel in coursework that interests them, so feel free to continue onto the higher-level course of the world language you love or explore the Greek Vase Painting class in the Architecture school that intrigues you. Admission into McIntire is a holistic process and we want you to take courses that will prepare you for engaged citizenship, individual human flourishing, and purposeful vocation.