Course Advising for Prospective McIntire Students

Christian West, Assistant Director for McIntire Undergraduate Admission

Course registration is coming up, and students are already taking full advantage of our walk-in advising hours to ask what courses they should enroll in. We’ll also be in the brand new Georges Student Center (second floor of Clemons) Wednesday, Nov. 1, and Thursday, Nov. 2, noon-4 p.m. for this very reason! Advisers from other schools and undergraduate programs will be there too!

Come chat with us! But read through this first for a few suggestions we hope will help:

1. Stay on track with your area requirements. Completing courses in all these areas will benefit you no matter what your major is and provides an excellent broad-based liberal arts foundation that we very much value. We expect that you take full advantage of this opportunity to explore your interests.

2. Challenge yourself, but don’t go overboard. We want to see how students are managing a full course load (15 credits on average) while balancing the Commerce prerequisites alongside their other interests. Remember: We recommend no more than two quantitative prerequisites per semester.

3. Don’t overanalyze courses to look for “business-related” courses. Business is everywhere, whether you look for it or not. A politics course can be very valuable because politics influences business and vice versa. Sociology courses can help you develop critical thinking skills as well a deeper understanding of social environment – which has an impact on business. Just because “business” isn’t in the title doesn’t mean the course is not applicable to a business career.

4. Don’t worry too much about what will look better to the Admissions Committee. Rather, think about the story your coursework is telling about your academic interests and your preparation for the McIntire curriculum.

5. Choose courses that go along well with your area of interest in business. Interested in marketing? Take some psychology or sociology courses or media studies courses. International? Take courses in foreign affairs, or continue in a foreign language or courses that emphasize global issues. Finance? Consider additional math, economics, or computer science courses.


– C

Christian P.L. West in the Assistant Director for McIntire’s Office of Undergraduate Admission. He’s a Double Hoo and current Doctoral student in the Curry School of Education. During Walk-in Advising, ask Christian about his side hustle writing Rotten Tomatoes movie reviews or why he has the best candy bowl in all of Rouss & Robertson.