Student Perspective: Winter’s Best Wishes

Johnny Membreno, third-year student & McIntire Ambassador

I know many of you are probably thinking to yourselves, as you head out to winter break, “How am I supposed to get a ‘break’ this winter if I have to worry so much about the Comm School application?” No need to worry; your hero is here.

I’ve got three words that I want you all to keep in your minds throughout most of the break: relax, eat, and sleep. With their help, you will be more than prepared when it comes time to sit down and work on your application.

There is simply no need to stress out about writing it. It’s two simple essays (maybe three if you choose to take advantage of the optional essay) on topics you have probably written about in the past. You’ve done this before! You’ve got this! The more you stress out about it, the harder it is going to get.

After you realize that you’ve gotten sufficient relaxation, food, and sleep, that is when you can sit down and take a look at the application. Keep in mind, however, this shouldn’t be an application that you aim to compete in one sitting. You should spend multiple days working on it. By this, I don’t mean you spend three full days, nonstop, of working on it. I mean, you sit down Monday morning after you wake up at 2 p.m. and just simply start typing. Get your thoughts into the application and worry about editing the next day. After an hour or two tops of brainstorming and writing down what’s on your mind, put it away. Let your mind clear out any stress, and continue your relaxing day as usual.

Then come back to it a day or two later, and review what you wrote in the prior sitting. Is there anything you don’t think you like? Is there anything new on your mind you want to write about? These are the questions you should ask yourself before continuing to work on your application an hour or two once again.

You can repeat this process three or four times, until you think you’ve finally written something worth submitting. Keep in mind, however, you should have someone else take a look at it too. You won’t always catch errors when looking at the same application for several days at a time, so it’s good to have multiple sets of eyes edit it.

Once you’ve allowed some friends and family to provide feedback and edits, you’re ready for the spring semester! Don’t forget to utilize current Commerce students as a resource too. They know it better than anyone, and they will have some insightful feedback that you might not have heard before.

Most of all, good luck and have a safe and fun winter break!

-Johnny Membreno, McIntire Ambassador

Johnny is a third-year Commerce student studying Marketing and Information Technology. At McIntire, he’s Vice President of the Latino Student Network and involved with the Business Ethics Society. Johnny is a self-described food fanatic and guitar aficionado.

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