Student Perspective: What to Expect After Hitting Submit!

Reagan Redman, Third-year McIntire Student & McIntire Ambassador

After three semesters of completing prerequisites and grooming your resume, you’ve just submitted your application to McIntire’s B.S. in Commerce Program. Congratulations!

You may be asking yourself, “Well, now what?”

Excellent question! The Undergraduate Admissions Office will notify you of your application’s status around mid-March, about halfway through this spring. In the meantime, push the application to the back of your mind and focus on this semester. Continue to work hard, develop study groups, use your resources, and seek out your professors. All the knowledge you have and are continuing to gain in your Commerce prerequisites is extremely relevant to the information third- and fourth-years build upon in McIntire. This is the time to really focus in on mastering material.

This semester is also an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the newly opened space in your schedule. Use your electives to explore other disciplines! You’d be surprised how relevant these classes will become as you apply your takeaways to various roles and industries within the business world. McIntire is based in case-study learning. This approach focuses on applying general concepts, frameworks, and technical skills to real-life scenarios. All your courses and your experiences outside of the classroom will help refine and develop these necessary analytical skills, confidence with engaging in group discussions, and creative problem solving.

So, a key takeaway for your spring semester is to continue to stay focused, work hard, and learn!

After the Admissions Office releases its initial decisions, you may find your application has been “deferred,” at which point, you will again ask yourself, “Okay, what does this mean?” First, take a deep breath! A deferral simply means McIntire’s Undergraduate Admissions Committee would like to learn more about you. In the second half of the semester, you will interview with McIntire alumni and submit an additional essay that highlights your experiences, takeaways, and other important qualities you feel are relevant to being a prospective Commerce student. The committee will also factor your second-semester grades into its final decision.

Once again, the best way to approach this process is to stay positive as you seek out your resources (e.g., additional guidance and help during professors’ office hours, mock interview opportunities, and general support and encouragement from your peers and current McIntire students), work hard in your classes, and reflect on your experiences. Know that you are not alone in this process! There are many resources and opportunities at your disposal. Ultimately, about 60% of all applicants are admitted into the program. Stay positive, be motivated, and work hard!

Congrats you all! You’ve come this far! The best is yet to come!

-Reagan Redman, McIntire Ambassador