Where Do We Go From Here? A Timeline of the Admission Review

Christian West, Assistant Director for McIntire Undergraduate Admission


Congratulations on submitting your application to the B.S. in Commerce Program. What follows is a description of how the McIntire Office of Undergraduate Admission handles the review process and next steps you can expect. (This describes the application process for UVA students. If you are a prospective transfer, I will write another post describing that process in March.)

1. The Undergraduate Admission Committee Reviews and Decides

A four-person committee of McIntire faculty review all applications for admission. The Office of Undergraduate Admission meets with the committee, providing an update on the office’s activities and advising methods. We also review the School’s overall enrollment goals and data regarding the applicant pool to chart how we will craft the third-year class. Each member of the committee reads three-fourths of the applications, with every application reviewed by a minimum of three committee members. Applications are assigned random ID numbers so that they are anonymous. As a holistic process, the committee reviews coursework, grades, rigor of curriculum, co-curricular activities, and essays before coming to consensus to make decisions.

2. Decision Release

After the committee meeting, the Office of Undergraduate Admission reviews all decisions to be sure we did not miss anything. We double-check names and e-mails to ensure students receive the correct decision as we prepare for release. Historically, decisions have been released during the week of UVA’s spring break. After decisions are released, the Office of Undergraduate Admission provides statistics on the pool demonstrating our holistic review process to give additional context.

3. The Decisions

Offer. If offered admission, congratulations! Your offer letter will include information regarding the McIntire Welcome Series for incoming students and details regarding fall 2018 course enrollment. Read the letter closely and in its entirety.

Deny. If denied, this will be the end of the road for your application for fall 2018, unfortunately. We know there are many students who are denied who could contribute to our community and be academically successful. However, we just do not have enough room in the class to accommodate everyone. We would be happy to discuss with you during walk-in advising other academic options for engaging with McIntire.

Defer. If you are deferred, you have another opportunity to look forward to! Read the letter closely and in its entirety for details regarding the deferral process. There are various reasons a student may be deferred. Maybe there are some prerequisite courses in spring 2018 that we want to see performance in? Maybe you have had a rocky semester and we want to identify your academic trend? We would be happy to discuss with you during walk-in advising what the committee might be looking for and how you can chart the rest of your spring semester to lead to a successful outcome.

4. Round Two

For deferred applicants, the committee goes through the exact same review process as for Round One. In addition, the committee has the opportunity to take into consideration spring 2018 grades, an additional essay, and feedback from an interview that deferred students have the opportunity to participate in. Deferred students will receive a decision of offer or deny in late May.

We hope this provides more context to our review process. It involves a lot of logistics, detail, care, and concern in order to deliver the most effective review for all applicants. As the process continues, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we seek to create the best McIntire student community we can.



Christian P.L. West is the Assistant Director for McIntire’s Office of Undergraduate Admission. He’s a “Double Hoo” and current doctoral student in the Curry School of Education. During walk-in advising, ask Christian about one of his latest hikes in the Shenandoah Valley or his opinion on the best cup of coffee in Charlottesville.