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Differential Tuition

Dear Pre-Commerce Students,

As you may have heard, the UVA Board of Visitors approved a differential tuition plan Friday for third-year students entering the Comm School next year. In addition to base tuition, 2011-2012 third-year students will be charged an additional $3,000 for the academic year, most of which will flow directly to the School’s operating budget. Given your interest in attending the McIntire School, I want to explain this initiative to you.

The decision to assess differential tuition for McIntire students was not an easy one. After lengthy consideration and analysis, we determined that this step was essential to maintain McIntire’s status as a global leader in business education and to continue critical investments in the future of the School and its students. As you know, the University and the School have experienced several years of significant budget reductions, and our ability to maintain and enhance the value of the McIntire degree was clearly threatened. Revenue generated by differential tuition will assist us in our efforts to recruit and retain world-class faculty members who—through their commitment to innovation, emphasis on a strong and caring community, and remarkable dedication to our students’ success—will help to ensure the School’s continued excellence. Differential tuition will also be used to support, enhance, and expand the value-added programs and services—including the Commerce Career Services Office, the McIntire Student Services Office, the Technology Support function, and our global initiatives—that enable McIntire to provide its students with an unparalleled educational experience.

Although differential tuition is new to undergraduates at the University of Virginia, it is a common funding mechanism at many of McIntire’s peer undergraduate business programs. In comparison with these programs, and even with the addition of the differential tuition, McIntire still stands as a fantastic value in undergraduate business education. We are also setting aside a significant portion of the new revenues for financial aid, so students who qualify will be able to access these funds. Furthermore, differential tuition will act to enhance the value of a McIntire education: A student’s day-to-day educational and career-preparation experience will directly benefit from the additional revenue generated, and the assessment of differential tuition will ensure that a McIntire degree remains a valuable asset throughout the lives and careers of our graduates.

I hope that your commitment to attend Comm School and to join the extraordinary McIntire community remains strong. Our commitment to recruiting and enrolling the best and the brightest is unwavering, and I am convinced that the return on your investment will be more than worth it. Once again, your Commerce degree will be a tremendous value.

I appreciate that you understand the need to make this change in the School’s tuition structure, and the approval of this plan is an essential step in a new financial model for the McIntire School and, potentially, the University. As always, if you have any questions or comments, I am happy to respond to them, or you may discuss them directly with our great staff in the McIntire Student Services Office. You may also review the announcement and frequently asked questions posted on the McIntire News Blog. Thank you very much for your continuing interest in the McIntire School, and I hope that you have a terrific semester and spring break.


Carl Zeithaml