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Information on Transferring for Non-UVA Students

Our students transfer not only from within UVA, but from other colleges and universities as well, including many from the Virginia Community College System. Students not enrolled in the University must apply for transfer admission through the University’s Office of Admission (434-982-3200) and will be considered for admission into McIntire. If you have questions regarding transfer of credit, please refer to the Transfer Credit Analyzer. This is not a listing of approved courses, but only past transfer of credit from UVA’s College of Arts & Sciences, and can serve as a guide for students as to what they can expect to receive as transfer credit. If you are planning to apply as a transfer student (from outside UVA), it is always good to meet with Jeannine Fields either in person or by phone to make sure your courses will transfer as equivalents to the required prerequisites. Hope this helps!

How Difficult Is It to Get into McIntire from Another College or University?

So you are interested in transferring to the McIntire School. Don’t be intimated by the 16% acceptance rate – getting in is very possible. Although we only admit 35 “external” transfer students each year, there are very specific things you can do to improve your chances of admission. First and foremost, make sure you have or will have completed all the requirements. At least half of the applications submitted from external transfers don’t indicate enough hours (at least 54 needed, but 60 is better) or the correct prerequisite courses. Once we get down through these applicants, it is a much smaller pool. Just as with internal applicants, we look at multiple criteria when evaluating the application. You will actually be applying to transfer to UVA; then you should indicate McIntire as the school on the application. As a transfer, you must select a school to which you are applying.

Another question that comes up a great deal is whether transfer students should apply to the College and then transfer to McIntire through the internal process. Although this might seem to give a better chance of being accepted, looking at the acceptance rates, this really isn’t the case. If you will have completed two years prior to enrollment, you definitely should apply directly to McIntire. If you have completed one year, you could transfer to the College and then apply to McIntire; however, be cautioned that the internal pool is much more competitive, and typically being admitted right after just transferring is challenging. If coming to UVA is the ultimate goal and you will be happy with either the College or McIntire, then come on. But if McIntire is more important than UVA, you probably are safest to complete your two years and requirements before applying directly to McIntire. Obviously, Virginians have a slight advantage, and we also admit students with associate’s degrees from the Virginia Community College System at a much higher rate. So if you really want to get into McIntire, but didn’t come to UVA as a first-year student, I encourage you to enroll and complete your associate’s degree at a Virginia community college. Unlike the College and Engineering School, however, McIntire does not have a guaranteed admission for VCC students, and the average GPA of our transfers is quite high, at around 3.8. So, you really need to do very well wherever you are enrolled and also be involved outside the classroom. We will look at “load” and take into consideration students who have to work, etc. Finally, if you are planning to apply as a transfer student, I strongly encourage you to contact Ms. Fields to go over your classes and make sure that you will have all the requirements completed. See her blog post on Information about Transferring. If you can, it would be great to come for a visit, meet with Ms. Fields, and sit in on a class. We look forward to seeing you around the halls and Rouss and Robertson. Dean L