Monthly Archives: January 2015

Debunking the Admissions Process

If you’ve just endured the GMAT for the first time and, after receiving your scores, think that you’ve just committed the worst failure in humanity, BREATHE. WOOSAH. The world is not going to end. Remember: you are not your test score.

Favorite Charlottesville Restaurants #accountantslovetoeat

M.S. in Accounting student come from all over the United States and beyond with different tastes and interests, yet we all agree on one thing: how fabulous the eating choices are in Charlottesville.  And accountants love to eat!  One of the “Top 15 Cities with the Most Restaurants Per Capita”, according to the Huffington Post, Charlottesville has more than 300 places to eat for a population of about 44,000. Everywhere you go, there are new restaurants to try and favorites to revisit.

Developing a Global Mindset: J-Term in India

In early January, three M.S. in Accounting students spent 10 days in India as part of a group of McIntire School of Commerce students enrolled in “Consumers and Markets in India” with Professor Amar Cheema.  Alex Van Horn shares excerpts from her travel blog, including the 10-day schedule, companies visited, and cultural adventures shared with her classmates.