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Advice for Approaching the CPA Exam

Before joining UVA’s M.S. in Accounting Program, the CPA exam was something I worried about. I would eventually have to take the exam if I wanted to further my career in accounting. So what exactly is the Uniform CPA Examination? What is the best to approach preparing for and taking the four-section exam? How difficult are the sections, and when should I take them? These were all questions I had before entering UVA, and now that I am eight months into the Program, I feel comfortable and confident in my own preparation. Here’s what I have learned:

Faculty Profile: Andrea Roberts

roberts_andreaHow did you get to UVA? I went to school in Towson, which is in Maryland, where I am from. I majored in accounting and worked for Ernst & Young after graduation. After two years in Audit, I switched to consulting and traveled frequently. I was able to do a lot of interesting things in consulting, including working on IPOs and doing some forensic accounting. A friend who started with me at E&Y went back to get her Ph.D. That sparked something with me, because my favorite thing about auditing was talking to clients and interacting with people. At the time, there was a big concern with the low number of African-American accounting majors. KPMG started a program to make accounting classrooms more diverse, starting with the teachers. That’s when I enrolled at George Washington for my Ph.D. I taught financial accounting as well as managerial accounting at Boston College for nine years. Then, my husband and I were looking to move, and I saw an opening at UVA. When I was a senior in high school, I applied and was admitted to UVA. But paying out-of-state tuition was a problem, so I went to Towson. UVA has always been one of my dream schools though.