Monthly Archives: January 2016

January Term in Asia

Fascinated by the Global Commerce Immersion (GCI) courses offered at the McIntire School, some of our fellow M.S. in Accounting classmates enrolled in the study-abroad courses that took place over winter break. Matt McKay and Alex Hong spent time in Hong Kong and Singapore as part of the Asian Financial Capitals course, while Devlin Anes visited Japan and Korea through the Media & Entertainment Industries in East Asia class. The three-credit J-term courses allowed the students to get a sense of the business environment in countries other than the United States.

Welcome back, Hoos!

“Hoos” excited to be back at UVA?! Although winter break went by too fast, I know everyone was anxious to get into the swing of classes again. However, before we jump into the spring semester, let’s take a moment to reflect on the past month and a half of winter break!

Funding Your Graduate Education

After completing your undergraduate education, you most likely have two things: a degree after all your hard work and student debt that helped you pay tuition. After the cost of going to school as an undergraduate, you might be looking at the $30,000+ tuition at UVA and most other schools, thinking “How am I going to afford this?” Despite that number, many students don’t pay near the list price, thanks to the number of scholarships available for students in addition to the availability of jobs on Grounds. Here’s what I did to cut the price of my graduate year at UVA:

Welcome to 2016

We hope everyone is having a great winter break so far. Now that it is officially a new year, we are approaching the second half of our M.S. in Accounting program at UVA. This semester should be both exciting and challenging, and we are eager to continue to share our experiences with you!