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Graduation Day 2016

After many late nights in the Comm School, hours spent writing that perfect McIntire-style memo, and a lot of fun in between, we finally graduated!

Graduation day  began early, with many of us gathering at the Corner to share some laughs before our big day. It was fun to see some friends and family, and graduates wearing their caps, gowns, balloons, and smiling faces. 

Our Last Week in C’ville

While all of the UVA 4th years soaked up the sun at beach week and the rest of the undergrads were already back in their hometowns for the summer, us M.S. in Accounting (MSA) students enjoyed our final week together in Charlottesville. While waiting for our families to arrive for graduation, we used our last few days together wisely. It was the perfect time to explore the parts of Charlottesville that we didn’t get a chance to do throughout the year. Our goal was not only to leave with a master’s degree, but with memories and friendships that will last forever.

Get to Know the MSA Program Director

Roger martinThis spotlight features the head honcho, the man of the year, our one and only M.S. in Accounting (MSA) Program Director and Professor: Roger Martin. Professor Martin instructed our Leading for Success in the Accounting Profession course last fall and Special Topics in Auditing course this spring. We’ve certainly enjoyed getting to know him as a professor, director, and mentor throughout our time here. We hope this blog will provide insight on his career and perspective on his life outside of McIntire. A special shout out to Professor Martin for allowing us to interview him!

How Corporate Partners Enrich Recruiting at McIntire

McIntire Corporate Partners truly care. No, really. I’m serious. They care–about our students and faculty–because they are invested in McIntire and committed to the school’s continued success. Does that mean a Corporate Partner will bring you homemade chicken soup when you have the sniffles? Okay, maybe not. But they will come to McIntire to share more about their industry, help students develop career path options, or increase their understanding of how business leaders make strategic decisions. And in the context of a graduate program, that’s far more valuable than chicken soup.

What Makes a Competitive Applicant

My advice to M.S. in Accounting applicants: don’t enter the application process with the mindset that it’s a game in which you have to try to figure out what the Admissions Committee is secretly looking for, and then respond by concocting a story that you think will fit that mold.  We are simply trying to figure out who you are, why you are applying to our program, and if this is a good fit for you AND you for us. So I’m sharing a few of my thoughts about the process to help you understand what we look for in a competitive application.

MSA Students Enjoy a Day at the Races

6:45am on Saturday,  April 30th is when it all began. For once, it wasn’t too difficult to wake up so early because everyone was so excited for the big day. Outfits were already picked out, coolers were waiting to be packed, and breakfast was ready to be eaten. Shout out to M.S. in Accounting (MSA) student Paige Hogan for cooking a delicious two-course breakfast for the students who live in the Flats! foxfield 3