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Alumni Spotlight: Alice Tomdio

UVA’s M.S. in Accounting (MSA) program is comprised of a unique group of students representing a range of backgrounds. Besides Virginia and local areas, we have students from all over the United States and several international countries. That’s what makes this program exceptional–we are all so different and learn so much from each other. While some of our students often land jobs in the Virginia area during the job recruiting process, others decide to fulfill their dreams elsewhere! Here’s another factor that makes us so great–we have such a strong presence around the world even after attaining our graduate degree.

Never Stop Learning

According to Thomas Jefferson, our education doesn’t stop after graduation. In fact, as you may know, we refer to UVA students as “first years” instead of “freshmen,” “second years” instead of “sophomore,” and so on because Thomas Jefferson believed our commitment to learning merely begins at UVA and extends well beyond our time here. As UVA alumni, we preserve this tradition. Our dedication to a lifetime of learning continues in our work, research, travel, and everyday life after graduation.